Hello from New England!

Whirlwind. Waterworks. What the hell? Wistful feelings. Wonders. Where am I? Where is my purse? Why not? Wow.

These are just a few things that have characterized the past month for me. 2014 has been a year of travel, thus far, along with great experiential growth, thrilling possibilities, and a little bit of sadness. Such things tend to show up together, it seems.

I’m writing to you from beautiful Vermont—or New Hampshire. Or somewhere in between. The dried-out trees, budding greenery, blue-tinged ice sheets and bright-white, patchy blankets of snow are melting together into a blur of color and place, and it’s beautiful. I’ve always found a decent bit of comfort in the in-between, and in the act of revisiting. It feels very good to be back in New England. Continue reading