Someplace Happy: Living Room

This year, I’ve made a conscious effort to swap stress for cheer. I’ve scaled back on projects (hence the absolute abandonment of Someplace. No more! The buck stops here–I swear!), been more intentional with how I spend quality time, have made self care a top priority, and have elected to choose happiness whenever possible. This year, I’ve made ‘choose joy’ my mantra.

One of the greatest benefits of this practice has been the sheer gratitude it’s produced. I’ve been able (actually, required) to take a step back and re-evaluate my fortune on more occasions than I’d like to admit. It’s not always easy or convenient, but it’s always helpful. Choosing joy means choosing when and what to celebrate. Hint: everything and all the time.

In an attempt to stay on top of my practice, I’ve decided to launch a new blog series: Someplace Happy. Someplace Happy is a way for me to pay homage to all the happy hideouts, moments of grace, exciting happenings, and unexpected thrills I find day in and day out. Some days, it’s a new city. Sometimes it’s a book I’d forgotten about. Other times, it’s in the freely-given patience of someone who doesn’t have to offer it to me. Wherever it lives, this type of joy deserves recognition; there’s something unbeatable about a happy place, and something really great about finding it someplace unexpected.

They’ll be short and sweet, just like this one.

So without further ado…

Someplace Happy: 
Living Room 


After much haphazard collecting and sloppy curation, I’m starting to love the time I spend alone in my living room. I look around at the pieces and appointments that dot the shelf space, and i’m instantly reminded of where I was when I found them.


Most are impulse purchases, gifts, or mementos from trips: rocks from around the world, growlers from breweries in cities I used to call home, favorite books, whale everything, art.


My aesthetic style tends to dart and weave on and off topic (not unlike my brain), but everything in this room is symbolic of who I am and what I love.


It is a place that feels like home. It is full of happy things. It is, undoubtedly, a happy place.


Until next time–