Here’s the thing about getting there:

it’s kind of hard to tell when it happens.

This is the trickiest thing about being adventurous–the thing you’ll go blue in the face chasing. It’s also been my constant struggle–learning how to let go of the ‘arrival’ at one place from another, and enjoy all the joyful, cosmic craziness that happens in between. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with goals. Once I do this, I’ll be happy. Once I write this, I’ll feel like a ‘real’ writer. Once I find the right place, I’ll finally let go of the crazy gypsy lifestyle and put down some roots. Once I do this, that’ll be enough. I believed the myth of the arrival.

Consider this  blog your field guide to the anti-arrival, a user-friendly map designed for sparking curiosity, and enjoying the trip. A daily reminder to take the backroads. To check out the side-stops. To deviate a little–literally and figuratively. After all, it might be the only chance you get to taste the wild air…

So browse through these pages for snippets from my favorite adventures in travel, taste, art, and people. Some stories will be epics, some will be poignant, and some might just be downright meandering. I can’t promise much consistency on that front, but I can promise one thing: the end won’t matter nearly as much as what leads up to it.

My hope is that they’ll inspire you to find yourself someplace new–even if only for a moment.



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