Autumn in Arkansas: hike it out

When I was living on the East Coast, my first taste of a New England fall was mind-blowing. I’d never seen trees so vibrant. Every day that September, October, and November, they seemed to explode a little more. It was the closest I’d ever come to the season, and I was in love. Continue reading


Sampling sips in the Willamette Valley

While vacationing in Oregon this summer, I decided to treat myself to something I’d always wanted to experience: a wine tour. It always seemed a little bit too bourgeois for me to drop $100+ on a day of wine tasting (tasting–not even drinking), but I figured if there was any time to do it, this was it. Besides: the $140 price tag gets you transportation to and from the Valley, to all wineries, most tastings, and lunch. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided a splurge was in order, so we booked a tour in the Willamette Valley with Backroads Wine Tours and let our tour guide for the day, Jeffrey, lead the way. Continue reading

Hello from New England!

Whirlwind. Waterworks. What the hell? Wistful feelings. Wonders. Where am I? Where is my purse? Why not? Wow.

These are just a few things that have characterized the past month for me. 2014 has been a year of travel, thus far, along with great experiential growth, thrilling possibilities, and a little bit of sadness. Such things tend to show up together, it seems.

I’m writing to you from beautiful Vermont—or New Hampshire. Or somewhere in between. The dried-out trees, budding greenery, blue-tinged ice sheets and bright-white, patchy blankets of snow are melting together into a blur of color and place, and it’s beautiful. I’ve always found a decent bit of comfort in the in-between, and in the act of revisiting. It feels very good to be back in New England. Continue reading